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Weekly Budget Planner Template

Along with the simplified calculations of many mathematical and statistical operations, Excel also allows to manage the budget and calculate expenses as well as savings. Excel’s weekly budget template is….

Monthly Household Budget Template

In the ever demanding age of today, where more is always less, running a house with a couple of kids, investing in their education and a bright future while maintaining….

Staff Meeting Agenda Template

Staff meetings are an integral part of the smooth running of any organization. They include a number of points to be discussed, such as the launch of new projects, addressing….

Home Inventory Template

Home inventory spreadsheet plays an important role in saving you from unnecessary trouble and harm. The home inventory template is imperative if you want to be absolutely sure about the….

Board Meeting Agenda Template

The board meeting agenda template is a very useful tool in different complex and strategically important meetings. The board meetings are mostly characterized short but strategically very important meetings. These….

Phone List Template

A phone list template is very useful tool for extracting and keeping important phone numbers for personal and other use. The phone list templates are old fashioned, but still have….

Customer Contact Form

In the business world, contacts are the most valuable possession of a business man. Keeping track of your contacts can prove very beneficial and healthy for your business/work. So, how….

Free Cookbook Template

With the name of cooking, many delicacies come to mind. While some of us like variety of recipes out there, there are few who actually care about how a dish….

Contact Sheet Template

In a digital age where the choices seem to be limitless, it doesn’t come as a surprise when you have to show your work to the interested party. Whatever your….

Free Gradebook Template

If you are a teacher and wondering where to keep a record of all the students’ assessments, need not to worry because the digital era has something for everyone. For….

Membership Directory Template

While running a successful website or organization, keeping track of your members is necessary. Membership forms are available for various services. What is Membership Directory? A membership directory template allows….