Free College Magazine Templates for MS Word

Having a college magazine template on the table means you have multiple ideas for the magazine layout. College magazines present a whole lot of details about the events happening in a college. It also tells about the attainment of the college students during that period. It is a kind of press copy that covers all the different academic and co-curricular activities of an educational institute. Colleges are not known for the media departments, especially those that are not offering media studies in the courses.

Colleges do not really allocate people and resources to media management, even if they are offering courses in media studies. This is why they need an expert to plan the layout of the college magazine. You can also try a template if an expert is not available. You can try one or can mix multiple templates to develop a fine-class magazine layout. A layout will provide you with the control you need during the process of adding the content to each section.

Main topics of a college magazine

It is vital to understand what kinds of topics you can add to a college magazine. Since it is going to talk about the college alone, hence you cannot just add current affairs or op-eds in a college magazine. Here is what you can add to make it look wonderful.

  • Achievement of your students outside the college. It will include academic as well as sports events achievements. Although all of the attainments are added in the magazine, it is vital to know that you cannot add achievements that are time-worn. The current event will only be added.
  • Current programs are held within the college premises. It will help communicate about the co-curricular activities that are performed within the premises of an institute. All good college magazine templates provide space for such programs.
  • Success stories and the research work of the college alumni will also be added to the magazine. It may also discuss the attainments of the college staff in their respective fields.

One can add or omit anything in the readymade college magazine template to make it look a little customized.

Functions of a college magazine

A winning magazine:

The college magazine needs to be award-winning. It should offer the content and the citations in a winning manner. The quality content of a magazine is bound to capture the attention of the students and the community.

A linking platform:

The college magazine needs to link different courses in a way that proves beneficial for the institute as well as the stakeholders. A number of different courses can be updated appropriately using the college magazine platform.

A creativity booster:

The college magazine infuses and boosts creativity among students. It highlights the attainments of the students in a way that allures others to perform at the top level. It enhances the competition among students at various levels.

Contains all useful information:

The magazines are often read by students looking to join an institute. Hence a good college magazine is bound to serve readers with an ample amount of information about the education institute.

#1 – Annual Magazine

College Annual Magazine Template

#2 – Football Magazine

Download College Football Magazine Template for MS Word
College Football Magazine Template Cover Page
College Football Magazine Template Inner Page

#3 – College Magazine

College Magazine Template
College Magazine Template Cover Page
College Magazine Template Inner Page

#4 – Sports Magazine

College Sports Magazine Template
College Sports Magazine Template Cover Page
College Sports Magazine Template Inner Page

#5 – Fashion College Magazine

Fashion College Magazine Template for MS Word
Fashion College Magazine Template Cover Page
Fashion College Magazine Template Inner Page