Staff Meeting Agenda Template

Staff meetings are an integral part of the smooth running of any organization. They include a number of points to be discussed, such as the launch of new projects, addressing to administrative issue, resolving of employer-employee conflicts etc.

Each of such meetings requires a schedule, or an AGENDA to be followed. Out there, are many pre written templates available for formulating a staff meeting agenda, which makes this task easier and less time consuming.

Some of the common characteristics integral to the agenda template, are as follows.

  1. Title of the meeting:
    It tends to explain what the meeting is all about.
  1. Date and time.
  2. Venue.
  3. Name of the host:
    This is the person who will be addressing the attendees.
  4. Names of Attendees.
  5. Call to order:
    The presence of each member is checked, either by calling out each name individually, or by asking each member to sign their names on the attendance sheet.
  6. Administrative report:
    This section in the template tells which part of administrative report is of importance and by whom it will be read.
  7. Budget report:
    If the meeting includes financial matters to be discussed, presentation of budget report is important.
  8. Ongoing projects:
    This gives a brief review of previous projects, their outcomes and shortcomings.
  9. Open Discussion.
  1. Q/A session.

In addition to these integral components of agenda templates, following are some tips to increase the outcomes of the agenda.

  • Specify in the agenda, the exact purpose of the meeting.
  • Only include those topics, which can help achieve the ultimate goals of the meeting.
  • Before formulating a new agenda, read the previous ones to estimate the time duration.
  • Mail the agenda to all the attendees before the meeting starts.

A better formulated agenda always increases outcomes of a meeting. Hope this article helps.

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