Membership Directory Template

While running a successful website or organization, keeping track of your members is necessary. Membership forms are available for various services.

What is Membership Directory?

A membership directory template allows the administrator to keep a record of all the present and past members of the service you are providing. These templates can be custom designed by the administrators for their professional use and can be displayed on the sites for promotion strategies. Various templates are available which can be used for data entry. You can also make your own.


The various features of these directories are:

  1. Member profile
  2. Social media profile links
  3. Contact
  4. Member photos, etc.


Membership directory templates can be edited according to your need. Various editing options are available as:

  • Add: You can add tabs and sections, for example, you might want to add member current subscriptions.
  • Remove: You can also remove custom fields suiting your choice. You can also remove html tags and fields of your choice from them.


You can also differentiate membership status using different tabs of your choice. For example, you can keep track of premium, ultimate, ordinary member and allocate the required bonuses and benefits to them. You can provide more value to your potential customers by allowing them to add various deals and benefits and offering them discounts. You can also issue badges to individual members and recognize your committed members and hard working volunteers by different badges.

Creating a directory has never been this easy before MS Word, MS word has built in templates for directories which assist you to make editable membership directories. You can also merge the data with your membership directories. Adding various fields of contact and personal information, it can also be made more presentable with the addition of graphics into it.

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member directory template

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