School Brochure Template

The brochure is an effective way to create a good reputation in the area for a school or any other organization or business. It plays an important role in developing an image that can help in progress. A school brochure template is a kind of document that helps the user in creating a customized school brochure. These can be printed in different sizes according to the need of the user. School brochure example is available in different software and user can select the best suited for his / her requirement. The school brochure sample makes the task easy for the user. It just requires the downloading and customization using the relevant software according to the custom data and photos of the school.

Types of brochures

School brochures are created in different designs and styles. The brochures contain the sample relevant text that is editable, according to the personal information.

Here are few of the types of school brochures.

  • Single page brochures

    These brochures consist of a single page that is divided into different section for displaying a variety of information. These are suitable to display only the striking features of school or the institute. These are best suited for a small organization that have not enough material to advertise.

  • Bi-Fold Brochures

    This type of brochures have two pages that are folded in the center. This style is suitable for displaying a little bit detailed data in the brochure. Images can be displayed in these brochures to improve the quality.

  • Tri-Fold Brochures

    In this type of brochures the page is divided into three columns and each column consists of text and pictures. The overlapping folding of the page makes it physically compact and literally detailed.

  • Booklet Brochures

    For the large organization where a large amount of data is available to display a booklet brochure works better. It consists of many pages and requires binding after printing of the pages.

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school brochure Example

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