Address Book Template

Whenever you are looking for an easy way to maintain your contacts the address book template is the most suitable option. Address book template is easy to customize and printable document. It provides a great ease in developing a custom address book for the user. Many word processor and spreadsheet software provide an address book template for the comfort of the user. Additionally a variety of address book templates are available online with diverse formats. The user can choose the suitable template for personal requirements.

What is Address Book?

Address book as its name intimates is a record of your contacts whether they are personal or business. It is important for personal use or organizational use as well. It includes the details about your contacts and also provides a means to categorize your contacts according to the importance and in alphabetical order. While maintaining an address book the most important or significant contacts can be listed on the top and the user can separate the business and the personal contacts. An address book not only include the phone numbers but also includes the postal address and email addresses. Special notes or reminders can also be included in the address book.

An address book can be maintained manually and electronically as well. Technology has brought many easy ways to perform the task of managing an address book, whether it is for the business user or for personal use. Electronically an address book can be created using a database, word processor or spreadsheet software. For a simple address book the simplest word processor “Notepad” can be used. But if the user requires some attractive outlook of the file, then Word processor and spreadsheet software are the best option as address books created in these software are printable and easy to edit. The use of address book template reduces the time cost in managing the address book.

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