Letter of Transmittal Example

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The letter of transmittal is part of many businesses as well as conventional not for profit organizations. It is frequently used to get the desired feedback from the correspondent. It can act as a reminder as well as a notification for the receiver. The transmittal letter is somewhat informal than the report and needs to be handled with according interest. However, you need not to be that concerned now as the letter of transmittal template will now make this job easier for you.

What is Letter of Transmittal?

Letter of transmittal is a kind of official report that is sent to the relevant person periodically. It is often in practice in most of the organization for communicating the progress with their company heads and other companies that are in a working collaboration with them. These are prepared in a professional format and have typical parts that are important in writing a Letter of Transmittal.

How to Write Letter of Transmittal?

Writing a letter of transmittal is the part of procedure for sending reports to the relevant authorities. These formal business letters have a professional format that includes the following parts.

  • A salutation
    This part includes the name and designation of the receiving authority. The company name and address can be added over here.
  • The intention of letter
    This part includes the purpose of the report writing. It must mention the type of report whether it is marketing report, financial report or a feasibility report.
  • Main discoveries of the testimony
    Under this heading, main point of the report are stated. In other words, this part shows an overview of the report. The main findings are stated here in the form of points or paragraphs.
  • Any important issues for consideration
    In this part, those points are stated that require special consideration or any discussion for a solution.
  • Acknowledgement for cooperation
    This part is specified for thanking the cooperation from the person or company in regard of the said project.
  • Gratitude
    This is the ending part of the letter of transmittal and includes the thanking words from the creator of report and also the name of dealing person.

The following letter of transmittal sample is a ready made transmittal letter with all embedded content in its manuscript. You can simply use it after a bit of editing. It will surely make your job getting done with ease and comprehensiveness. It is not a hard copy with restrictions to make adjustments but rather a flexible content that allows you to make adjustments in accordance with your needs.

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