Meeting Agenda Format

If you are running a business, then meetings are more familiar part of your routine. Meeting agenda or meeting minutes is the sequence of the activities that are planned for a meeting for discussion or presentation. It makes the meeting more beneficial and productive if you create a meeting agenda before conducting a meeting. Online meeting agenda templates are available for making the task easier. It looks pretty good to use a template that suits the best for the type and purpose of your meeting. These templates are customizable and ready to use, just download the template and add your own information in it.

How to Write Meeting Agenda?

Although a huge collection of meeting agenda templates are available for your assistance, but you can still create your own unique design for meeting agenda.

To write your own meeting agenda go through the following procedure.

  • Define and write the title of your meeting agenda. Title must be relevant to the topic of the meeting. Use a professional style rather than a fanciful style.
  • Include the details about the participants, time and venue of the meeting after the title of an agenda. Clearly write the name and designation of the person who is calling the meeting. Write the names and designation of all the attendees of the meeting.
  • Prominently state the topic of meeting if any. You can head it as the objective of the meeting.
  • Enlist the meeting activities along with time duration so that all the participants can manage their active participation.
  • Clearly mention the time if any special announcement or address is included in the meeting.
  • Manage spare time at the end of the meeting for a session of Q & A for making any confusion clear.
  • After making all entries, check your meeting agenda before distributing the copies.
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