Free Funeral Program Template

The life is a blend of happiness and sorrows. We always have to deal with any of the circumstances that we follow at various stages in our lives. The funeral is the last event of a person and it always requires a careful program to complete all mores. This is the reason why we have designed the funeral program template to help people in the hour of sorrow. It will simply let you arrange your program in a better way and will make this task lot easier for you.

We often have to attend or conduct the celebration of the life our loved ones. We want to make these events memorable in all aspects. While planning such ceremony the writing of the funeral program is an important part as it is distributed to all the participants for facilitating them for their presence. This ceremony is conducted in two ways, religious and non religious, both have different decorum. A large number of online templates are available for ease of user. You can use any one of the templates and modify it according to your requirement.

How to Make Funeral Program?

In celebrations of life the writing of the funeral program is the key element. First of all decide about the type of funeral program, whether it is religious or non-religious. After deciding the type the next step includes the selection of layout of the invitation letter that is depicting the life of the person whom funeral in under planning.

The funeral program must include the following.

  • Photograph of the departed
  • Full and maiden name of the departed
  • Date of Birth and Birth city
  • Death Date and City of Decease
  • Date, time and venue for the ceremony
  • Name of the person who is organizing the funeral program
  • Some favorite poem of the verses from the Holy Bible can be added in the funeral program.

In a religious ceremony as it is mostly held in a church the Bible reading and other activities planned by the church for a formal funeral are added. These include the Prelude, summons, Hymn selection, names of vocalist and Eulogy giving persons, Benedict and postlude music. If a non-religious ceremony is decided, it can include some other parameters like, a little biography, video or photo compliment and thanking of the family for participation.

It is of course hard to plan and mange in those spans of sorrow, but tell you what the following free funeral program example will make this job a lot easier for you. The funeral program template includes all that may be required to maintain and carry a funeral procession. One can use it as a direct plan to manage one’s program while it can also be used as a guiding tool to create a new program.

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