Wanted Poster Template

The wanted posters are mostly used by the law enforcement agencies to alert the public against the threat of being a victim of a crime by some alleged criminal. The authorities also use the wanted poster for making public awareness about a crime or a criminal who is required by the agencies. Wanted poster template is extremely helpful for quick creation of the poster. The wanted poster template is a model document that has a proper format for the poster and easy to personalize. This template is available in multiple designs and the user can select the best one that fulfills the requirements.

Every wanted poster has the following parts.

  • Title or heading
  • Photo of the alleged person
  • List of crimes
  • Description about the criminal that helps to identify
  • The amount of reward
  • Contact information of the dealing authorities

Whenever you start designing a wanted poster keep all the above stated sections under consideration for developing an effective wanted poster.

How to make a wanted poster?

Creation of a wanted poster is not such a hard task. Anyone having a little approach in graphic designing can easily do it. The use of wanted poster template makes the task quick and easy.

For making a custom wanted poster with the following steps could be progressive.

  • First of all select a software that provides good designing facilities as per your working capacity. Create a new document and set the size and other parameters such as orientation and margins etc.
  • Choose a suitable background for the poster and apply it in the document.
  • Select a suitable and prominent font for entering the text in the poster.
  • Insert the photos and add borders to the photos to make them noticeable.
  • Write the available information about the wanted person.
  • Write the reward amount prominently.
  • Once review, the poster before taking a print and remove mistakes if any is there.
  • Get the print of the poster. Use of a color printer is recommended for better results.
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