Travel Expense Report Template

Travel expense is a common term that is used in almost every business and these are reported in a special format. Travel expense report template is a sample document that is customizable and printable. Using a template for documentation provides much ease and efficiency. Travel expense report template is mostly prepared in the spreadsheet software as it is the best for playing with numbers. The template is ready to use and easy to customize. The user can personalize the template by adding the company name and details and personal data.

What is travel expense?

Travel expense is the travelling cost that is associated with travelling for performing business activities and responsibilities. Almost every business pays travelling cost to their employees when they have to travel or stay away from home for performing business duties. These expenses are claimed through the travel expense report.

What should be included in the report?

As it is a business document so it requires a formal treatment and some basic elements to include in it. Every travel expense report must include the following parameters.

  • Document number according to the company fashion.
  • Company name and logo along with official address.
  • TA # to confirm that the travel was authorized by the organization.
  • Employees and the department information.
  • Travel details such as the purpose and type (instate or out state) of trip, travel duration by adding the date and time of the trip and also significant post trip activities.
  • Include the travel expense details for payment claim. It could include the reimbursement regarding travelling mileage by using the odometer readings. Cost for food, lodging, transportation, etc. can also be included here.
  • If there are some other minor and irregular expenses, write them in miscellaneous heading.
  • Provide suitable information about the bank account for the transfer of the amount after approval.

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Sample Travel Expense Report

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