Sales Budget Template

A sales budget template is a ready to use document that is available online. It is usually created in spreadsheet software and contains all the important calculating formulae in the proper cells. The user only needs to download a template and enter personal data in specified columns. The resultant values will be calculated automatically. These templates provide facilities for creation of monthly, quarterly or annual sales budget. These templates are fully customizable and printable and every user can modify it as per requirement. These are equally good and suitable for small, medium and large scale organizations.

What is Sales Budget?

Sales budget is an important accounting tool and also a part of the main budget of the company. It displays the expected sales of the company for a devised budget period. This document gives enough detail information for important decisions in the main budget. If an organization deals in a large number of products they aggregate the products in main categories otherwise it will be too difficult to calculate the expected sales. This document shows the expected sales in terms of dollars and product units. Sales manager sand marketing managers provide information for creation of sales budget.

Whenever you need to develop a sales budget the following are important.

  • First of all define budget period. Whether a quarterly sales budget is required or an annual sales budget.
  • Collect the previous data for the same length of the budget period.
  • Categorize the products which are included in the sales budget.
  • Find information from industry and outside sources about sales and demands.
  • Consults marketing department to know about any promotion campaign that is in progress.
  • From this data get information by comparing it with actual data from previous years and develop expected sales forecasts. This document will help in the creation of a sales budget for the recent budget period.
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