Product Catalog Template

Product catalog is a brochure or booklet that includes the products of a company along with a brief description. It is an effective way to introduce your products in a customer based environment. It exposes all the company products to the user at the same place and also provide a brief introduction of the product. The product catalog template makes the task easy as it has all the necessary formatting and layout. The user only needs to download the template and insert own data and graphics. Take a print and use it. There is no need to make any major change in themes and colors of the template. However, these templates are customizable and printable. The user can modify a template as per personal requirement.

How to make Product Catalog

The creation of a product catalog is not such a difficult task if you know clearly the requirements and products that would be included in a product catalog. This is an effective way and appealing idea for advertisement of products.

The following steps are helpful for making a product catalog.

  • First of all, collect your content that you want to include in your catalog. Decide the qualities and features of products that should be included in the catalog.
  • Accumulate the photographs of products. If already are not present than make photographs with a good quality camera.
  • Select an appropriate size for your catalog, decide about the number of pages in the catalog.
  • Define a layout for the page
  • Select a theme or color scheme for presentation and apply to the page
  • Insert selected pictures and their description
  • Proof read the catalog before taking the print.

Another easy way to develop your own product catalog is to use a ready to use template that has all the formatting earlier. Just add up your product photos and description and get a print for use.

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Product Catalog Sample

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