Grade Book Template

Grade book is a document that shows the performance of persons for any assessment. It is mostly used in academics for record keeping of the students’ performance during class assessments and activities. These can be made manually and also using a computer. The technology has made the task much easier by providing different software for creation of the grade book. Microsoft Excel is one of the best options for creation of grade book as it deals with numbers and formulae.

Different websites are provided ready to use templates for creation of the grade book. These are ready to use and customizable templates. The only thing that is required the downloading and adding of your personal data into the template. It has the inserted formulae that calculate the results and grades of students, according to the given data. No doubt these online templates are providing much ease, but there is a room for your own creativity. The user can create an own grade book and can save it as a template in Microsoft Excel for further use.

Here is the procedure for creation of a grade book using Excel.

  • Open Microsoft Excel and choose new blank workbook.
  • Rename the worksheet as grade book.
  • In first cell write the name of your organization. You can also add the logo of the organization.
  • Add information about class and section regarding grade book.
  • Include the headings for each column like Roll No, Student Name, subject names, total mark, percentage and the grade.
  • Insert formulae in the total, percentage and grade columns and copy them for all the roll numbers in the class.
  • Type the class data into the sheet.
  • Select the first cell of first row till the last column that you have named and select merge and center to make heading. Increase the font size and style to make the heading prominent.
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