Cash Flow Analysis Example

Technology has made revolutions in the business world. For lots of documentation and calculation work software and templates are available. These objects have made the working much easier than before. Every business needs to keep track of its cash flow. Cash flow of a business is recorded in cash flow analysis reports. A large number of such report templates are available on different websites. These reports are just one click away from the user. The Excel Cash Flow Analysis templates are ready to use and printable. Download the template and customize it with your personal date such as company name, company logo and other contact details. These templates have all necessary formulae inserted in the required columns. All the worksheet formatting has been done earlier. Just enter your data in the relevant columns and get a complete cash flow analysis report for your business. These templates are equally good for small, medium and large organizations. The huge collection of customizable and printable cash flow analysis templates provides much ease in managing your business reports up to date.

What is Cash Flow Analysis?

Cash flow is the movement of money in a business. In other words the amount of incoming money and outgoing money is monitored under cash flow. It is an account of expected payments and due liabilities. Cash flow analysis is a report that compares both the quantities and generates information about the financial position of the organization. It helps to evaluate many measures about any project.

It is useful in determining the following in a business.

  • Return rate, internal return rate and net present value
  • Business liquidity problems
  • Position of cash
  • Quality of income
  • Evaluating the risk factor
  • Operational cash flow
  • Use of capital in operations
  • Lack of profitability
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