Expense Report Template

The expense report template is very useful for those businesses or organizations that provides the facility of reimbursement to their employees. Using the expense report template any individual can easily create a detailed expense report. It is available in diverse formats and anyone of them can fulfill the requirements of your organization. Using template makes the task easier and quicker because the templates provide all the necessary formatting in the sample text. The user can personalize them without any trouble in minimal time.

What is expense report?

Expense report is a type of business document that includes all the expenses that a person experiences for the completion of any business operation. Most of the organizations produce this document as a form that is filled by the employee for the claim of business expense that he /she has done from own pocket. These may include travel expense, food, and medical expense or residence charges during an official tour.

Parts of expense report

Being a business document expense report bears a definite format that is compulsory to use for submitting an expense report.

  • The first part includes the name and contact information of the person applying for compensation. The employee number or code, department and any other parameter that is given by the organization for identity should be written here.
  • In the next part the title and details of the business purpose for which expense was done. For example, travelling to a specific place, any medical treatment or anything else that can be considered for reimbursement. The time duration should also be mentioned over here in the form of a date.
  • The third part comprises of the detail of expense in an orderly manner in a grid of cells. This grid must show the date, description of the purpose and amount of expense. Here you can categorize the expenses such as transport, medical, food or any other.
  • The last part of the expense report shows the grand total of all the expenses.
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Sample Expense report

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