Startup Budget Template

Whenever you decide to start a new business, you have to do some financial planning for taking a successful start. It is an important part that cannot be neglected in starting a new business. There are many things that must be discussed in startup budget like a summary of your planning, revenues, cost of goods sold, staffing, sales and marketing and overhead cost. This is not an easy task for a new businessman, so for making it easy there is a variety of ready to use templates available on the Internet. All the necessary formatting and important formulae are inserted in the templates and the user just require to insert the personal data into the template. These templates are customizable, the user can easily personalize them according to the need.

These templates are mostly prepared in the spreadsheet software. At typical startup budge template may have 6 tabs in it. These tabs must be named as summary, revenues, cost of goods sold, staffing, sales and marketing and overhead cost. The summary should include a clear high level picture of your finance, actual cash flow and main financing for almost starting three years. This should be broken down on a monthly level to make it more Elaborative.

The revenue tab must include your estimated revenue forecast for the next three years. It must have some key values and include the solutions of the situations when you run out of cash or any other critical situation. It can include the monthly customer assumption and the amount of revenue that is expected from a customer. The next tabs include your overhead cost for goods sold that will define the picture well that how you will meet different requirements of different customers. In the same manner rest of the tabs should include relevant details. Such a startup budget plan will help you to get financing for your projects.

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Sample Startup Budget Template

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