Sales Letter Sample

Businesses use different strategies to enhance their sales to earn more and more revenue. The sales letter is one of them. A sales letter template is an exemplary document that is much useful for any business to write an effective sales letter. Different companies use different formats for a sales letter. A sales letter template is available in different styles and formats and user can select an appropriate template according to requirements. Sales letter template decreases the time cost for writing a sales letter.

What is a sales letter?

The sales letter is an effective marketing tool to improve the sales of the product. In direct marketing, sales letters play a vital role as it conducts a sense of importance to the consumer that makes them ready to purchase the product. The main purpose of the sales letter is to persuade the target client for the purchase of the product.

How to write a sales letter

Writing an effective sales letter is a tricky job as its target is motivate a person to purchase. All the sales letters usually have the following parts.

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
  • Graphic design

All these parts require special attention and concentration of the writer. Before starting a sales letter collect all the related information regarding the product and relevant images also. Select an appropriate size for your sales letter. The size of sales letter varies according to the content and it may be up to 16 pages. Use of a sales letter template makes the task quite easy and quick because it only requires entering the personalize data into a well formatted sheet. The use of a motivational language and the testimonials from existing customers enhance the validity of the sales letter. The start of the sales letter must be attention capturing and should make the reader continue with reading the whole letter.

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