Sales Forecast Template

Documentation is an important part of every business, whether it deals in products or services. For keeping a record of sales and producing an estimation for sales revenue documentation plays a vital role. Templates make the documentation, especially business documentation as it includes many formulae for calculations. Sales forecast template is one of business category templates and it provides ease in forecasting your business sales. These templates are fully customizable and printable. Any user can download these templates and customize them as per his / her need.

What is Sales Forecast?

Sales forecast is an estimation document that provides an estimate of sales during a defined period e.g. one budget year or financial year. This is an important document that projects the sales of the company for a well-defined period of time. It is based on the previous sales record and sometimes the goodwill of the company. It doesn’t require any special degree or training to create a sales forecast, any businessman can create it easily by observing the previous sales and market trends. The availability of templates has made it easier than ever.

How to make Sales Forecast

The creation of a sales forecast is not a hard task. It can be done easily using a spreadsheet program. The sales forecast template provides great ease in the task.

The following steps are a good guide for making your sales forecast.

  • Select a sales forecast template and download it on your computer.
  • Insert your company name and company logo in the specified place in the template.
  • Make necessary changes to the column headings according to your products or requirements.
  • Check the formulae that are already inserted on the worksheet and make necessary changes if required.
  • Insert your company data into the relevant cells to get the estimated output.
  • Get a print for keeping records in hard copy and save the altered file in your computer for later use.
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Sales Forecast Excel Sample

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