Personal Budget Template

Personal budget template provides great ease in managing your personal expense sheet along with your income resources. The template is created in the spreadsheet software as it works well with numbers.

The customizable personal budget template is easy to use and reduces the time cost for managing a personal budget as all the necessary formulae are inserted in the relevant columns. The user just requires to enter the personal data and figure to the template sheet.

What is Personal Budget?

When an individual starts to deal independently with the society or market it requires to manage a balance among the income and the expenses. A personal budget is a financial plan of a person that deals with the upcoming income and the expense. It may also include some past expenses and loans that are due to pay. Personal budget helps to keep the expenses in the income limits.

How to make Personal Budget

There are different means to create a personal budget. It can be created manually, electronically or by using a template. The use of template makes the task easier because it does not require any formatting. The user just requires to enter the personal information, income and expense details.

When you think to develop a personal budget, consider the following sequence.

  • First of all compile your total income that you earn from different ways, for example the salary, bonuses and any kind of part time job.
  • In the next step make a list of your expenses and obligations. This list can include your previous loans that are still payable. Filter out your un-necessary expenses and categorize them as optional expenses.
  • Download a suitable spreadsheet template and open it in spreadsheet software.
  • Customize the sample data according to the personal data.
  • Insert your income and expenses in the relevant cells along with their details.
  • Get a print for your record or save the file in your PC.
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personal budget spreadsheet

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