Meeting Minutes Template

If you are having a designation in a company to keep the record of meeting minutes, then the meeting minute template is very helpful for you. It is customizable and printable that provides excellent ease in the business documentation. The Meeting Minutes template provides a suitable format to record the proceedings of business meetings. It is available for both formal and informal pattern and user can select the appropriate template according to the requirements. The Meeting Minutes sample is easy to personalize and user can create a personalized Meeting Minutes site within minutes.

What is meeting minutes?

Meeting Minutes is a record of or a list of all that is done during a formal or informal business meeting. These are jolted down during the meeting that may be of managerial level or board of directors’ level. Usually these are taken by the secretary, but any other person can be appointed to perform the job temporarily or permanently.

What is included in Meeting Minutes?

The Meeting Minutes start with the Title of the meeting. It may contain the name and logo of the organization. The issues that are decided to be discussed in the meeting are also an essential part of the meeting minutes.

Following are the important components of meeting minutes.

  • Venue and date and time of the meeting.
  • List of attendees of the meeting along with their designations.
  • A list of those persons who were expected to attend the meeting but did not do so.
  • The organizer of meeting or the resource person.
  • Agenda items with the columns to write the discussion about them and the actions that are decided to perform regarding these items.
  • Record of voting if it is done for any issue in detail about the votes in favor and against of the issue or person.
  • The summary of the meeting that includes all the issues, discussions and decision taken during a meeting in a brief manner.
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