Instruction Manual Template

Instruction manual templates provide great ease in your work as all the formatting about the manual is done and you just need to add your own text in the template to make it specific for your purpose. The instruction manual is an important part of any product and procedure. Without instruction manual it is impossible to act upon the right sequence. It is often considered as a boring task, but online instruction manual templates have made this task quite easy and interesting. The instruction manual has different types according to their purpose and the target user.

Few of the categories are as under

  • Standard manual
  • User manual
  • Training manual
  • Policy manual
  • Office manual
  • Service manual

There may be some other types of instruction manuals as per the requirement of the product or service about which instruction manual is being created.

While writing a professional manual following points must be kept under consideration.

  • If the length of instruction manual increases ten pages it must have a table of contents in the beginning. A preface can also be added to establish a reference to different elements of the manual.
  • Include proper and self guiding images to the instruction manual to make it more comprehensive for the user.
  • If some instruction needs more details the add them under the relevant instruction.
  • Populate your instruction manual with images to make it attractive for the user.
  • While using a template make amendments to all the sections as per your own data and remove the unused or unnecessary parts of the template.
  • Keep the tidiness your preference while creation or customization of an instruction manual.
  • After completion of editing take a print of the manual and tie it up or bind in a beautiful way.
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Instruction Manual Template

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