Family Reunion Flyer

Whenever you are planning a family reunion you may need to extend it to the family members who are living in far places.

There may be different ways to intimate these families such as letter, mobile message, email or phone call, but I think the use of a custom flyer is the most suitable means to extend your family reunion plan to the families that are scattered around.

Importance of Flyer

The flyer is a colorful presentation of text and the graphics and this combination makes it very attractive and fascinating. Family reunion flyer provides pleasant and colorful family invitations that provoke a positive response in the receiver. Each family that receives the family reunion flyer feels energetic and ready to participate in the event. It may include the photographs of the previous family reunion event that makes a revival of the pleasant memories. It makes the planned event more successful.

Ideas for family reunion flyer

It is not difficult to create a custom family reunion flyer for your event. Free flyer templates are available for the assistance of the user that are easy to customize as per personal requirements. The use of the template is optional not mandatory as the user can create a new and unique design for the reunion flyer.

Here is the simple sequence of steps for making a custom family reunion flyer.

  • Open MS Word and create a new blank document.
  • Set the page layout landscape and divide it into three equal columns.
  • In the first column, insert the heading of family reunion using Word Art.
  • Insert selected photos and adjust them to proper places.
  • Add some quotation on the header page.
  • In the next column, write the event details and the name of the chief guest.
  • In the last column add some memorable photos and write the venue.
  • Get the print of the flyer for sending it to the families.

Download & Preview Details:

family reunion flyer

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